Best Time to Sell

In most cases….NOW is the BEST time to sell.

For as long as I can remember I have always worn a watch. Over the years, I have received watches and given watches as gifts.  My daily everyday watch is like an old pair of jeans, the face is scratched, it’s an anniversary watch that I was awarded from a credit union that I once worked for that no longer exists. The band is comfortable and I can read the time without having to put on my glasses.

There are good times and bad times.  I once had a house that we purchased in around 1990 for $115K….we renovated and sold the house nine yrs later at the same price.  That may sound absolutely horrible….but on the other side we bought a newer home at a great price and we had built up enough equity to put a nice down payment on it…its all relative.  I also once purchased a cute little house at $80K….and then sold it 4 years later for $125K. Unfortunately it was a hot market and our next “up-grade” purchase cost almost an extra $1000/mo more for mortgage payments.   When the market is hot, you can expect a good return, but you can also expect to pay plenty more to purchase.

Is it a good time for you to sell?  Your Realtor® can best help you to answer that one!

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